• Save time and budget with automated high precision bidding
  • Optimizes even the highly complex campaigns
  • Converts your target KPI in the most efficient bidding strategy
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Why Performates?

After more than 12 years working in Online Marketing, building up marketing departments for new ventures, streamlining established operations, implementing new processes s and systems, we kept encountering the same problems and issues, time and again. Drawing on our collective experiences we decided to create Performates to help smooth out some of the common issues which plaguing Display teams:

Almost all marketing departments use standardized and manually operated processes which are time consuming and prone to failure. Performates is all about seizing the potential for automated optimization and simplified creative processing and archiving. Performates is a web-based ad tech which offers different services or modules which are all accessible from an easy-to-use dashboard.

Performates is designed to maximize Display marketing performance to levels which manual optimization or traditional work processes cannot achieve. It uses a tried and tested system which does not simply rely on traditional metrics or macro-data.

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