• Save time and budget with automated high precision bidding
  • Optimizes even the highly complex campaigns
  • Converts your target KPI in the most efficient bidding strategy
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Performates is a web based AdTec which is combining different modules to increase your efficiency within your daily work routine in online marketing. Hereafter you will find an overview of the different Performates Modules. As Performates is a module clustered AdTec we are providing our customers continuously with new features.

  • Your retargeting Campaign is delivering good results and you want to reach the next level of performance?
  • What is the ideal bidding strategy for the best Performance within the micro segmentation?
  • As a matter of fact a daily bidding optimization on a granular level is the basis for a good performance in every bidding system. Bearing in mind that this manual procedure is an error prone and time consuming labor our new Retargeting Bid Manager is doing this daily work fully automated. An uplift in performance up to 40% and an increased daily work efficiency is included.

What is our way to success in Retargeting?

  • The Performates Retargeting Bid Manager is based on a dynamic but also self-learning “rule set” and a proven statistical optimization formula. It is specialized on all different metrics within optimization and Key Performance Indicators within the Display Retargeting Framework. This module enables Users to optimize different retargeting systems automatically and as precisely as it has never been done before.
  • You provide Performates with your performance targets. Performates is combining your performance targets with a performance history analysis and is calculating the ideal CPC–Bids. This automatically conducted process prepares your campaign day by day for the very best performance.
  • Focusing on micro and macro parameters, Performates is able to optimize automatically as well as comprehensively Adserver hosted campaigns. Therefore Performates is using our proven optimization formula which is taking statistic metrics into consideration far above Click Rates and Costs per Order. This module offers the user a ready-to-use, self-explaining and transparent tool which is time, money and labor saving.
  • The Performates Facebook Bid Manager optimizes on your choosen conversion goal like impressions, clicks or conversions. At the same time the tool is considering all statistical relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to reach your micro and macro conversion goals. Simply establish an API connection between your ad account and Performates. In the next step Performates will boost your performance up to 40%. Meanwhile you can also use other valuable Performates functions like the daily updated Facebook-Custom Audience, that also leads to an efficiency increase, because you are able to exclude your existing clients form your new client campaigns.
  • Cutting short long creative briefing processes, our Briefing Module is simplifying the procedure and is saving valuable time. Furthermore Performates provides features for an extensive quality management for customers as well as for superiors. Integrated approval routines for every creative, whether it be e.g. for Display Marketing or OnSite provide you with several monitoring features. Increasing productivity by facilitating the process of briefing, re-briefing or resizing within a system, which is designed to be intuitive, will permanently strengthen your capacities.
  • To stay on top of thousands of creatives out of different campaigns is an everyday challenge. Performates organizes this process completely. Creative upload, tagging, search - a broad variety of search and analysis parameters – these are only some features of the archive which will change your daily working routine. By using this web based platform, you can easily manage the access for your different departments and can increase your operational efficiency on a global level within one AdTec.
  • Performates ends the era of account managers wasting valuable time generating manually a campaign daily cost report by combining reports delivered by all Online Marketing Systems in use for each campaign (e.g. Adservers, Retargeting Platforms, Facebook, GDN…). Performates merges automatically all daily data delivered by all used systems and compiles one report, customizable to any interest and downloadable in various data formats.