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  • Increase performance by up to 40%
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Simplify your daily work routine
  • Benefit of a self-explaining Ad Tech
  • No set up fee!

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Performates Module Concept

  • Is your retargeting campaign delivering good results and you now want to move to the next level?
  • What does an ideal bidding strategy using micro-segmentation look like?
  • Daily bidding optimization on a granular level is the basis for good performance in every bidding system. But manual procedures are error prone and very time consuming. Our new retargeting bid manager fully automates this process, saving you operational time and resources as well as delivering a performance boost of up to 40%.

How is Performates different?

  • The Performates Retargeting Bid Manager employs a dynamic and self-learning “rule set” governed by our own statistical optimization formula. It is tuned to all optimization metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) within the Display retargeting framework. This Performates module will enable users to automatically optimize different retargeting systems more precisely than any other tool on the market.

How does it work?

  • You simply provide Performates with your performance targets, it then combines your performance targets with a performance history analysis and calculates ideal CPC-Bids. Performates daily attunes and adjusts your CPCs to a range of statistical and traditional metrics, as well as real time data.

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